Why don't you make juice to order?

We use a Cold Pressed method for juicing instead of Centrifugal. We find that cold pressed juice is the most nutrient dense and best tasting. We make our juice fresh daily in large batches & sell them pre-mixed in glass jars


What is Cold Pressed?

Cold pressed juicers grind and shred produce into a fine pulp. This pulp is then placed between two press plates that hydraulically produce 30,000 pounds of pressure on the pulp to extract every last drop of juice. This little-to-no-heat method produces a juice that is both superior in flavor and nutritional value, containing up to five times the amount of vitamins, trace minerals and enzymes as a typical centrifugally-produced juice. Cold-pressed juice may be bottled and kept fresh for 72 hours.



Just how organic is NW Raw?

Here at NW Raw we have a no compromise policy. If it's not 100% Organic it doesn't enter our doors. 


Why isn't there more on the menu?

We are work very hard everyday to provide our customers with the best nutritional options possible. We are also very diligent listeners, adapting and modifying our offerings to cater to the needs of our patrons. It is on our road map to offer more and diversify our menu.   


Can I order a special juice?

Yes. We do offer custom mixed and non-mixed juice ordering for amounts over 32oz's. We ask that you give us a call by 3pm a day in advance for custom orders.  Some limitations apply and there could be additional charges, ask for details.