what we do

Our organic eatery hopes to provide people with the highest quality dietary options; fostering a culture of an active lifestyle and promote sustainability in all that we do.

NW Raw Organic Juice Bar is an energetic outpost in todays culture where fast food is king. Offering 100% organic raw cold pressed juices, salads, bowls, soft serve, cleanse programs, espresso, & more. We provide people on the go with a fast healthy option; business men and women, an inspiring office away from the office; athletes organic recovery after a long day in the mountains; and families a warm inviting place they can enjoy a safe and healthy meal together.

get with it.
get healthy.
get back to it.

get raw.


At NW Raw we know how important it is to be sustainable for future generations.

Which is why we bottle in glass and recycle. We pay 25 cents per each returned bottle; put them through a rigorous cleaning routine; scrub them, sanitize them using water and high heat and reuse our squeaky clean glass thereby reducing our eco footprint and packaging waste.

our founders

Web & Karen Staunton are passionate about living a healthy and flourishing life.

They depend on a healthy diet as business owners, outdoor adventurers, and grandparents of 6 grandchildren. Knowing they were not alone in the busy adventure of life; they created NW Raw to share their life giving brand with the community they live in and love.

NW Raw storefront


Nestled in the Rogue Valley, NW Raw is located in downtown Ashland.

Minutes from hiking and biking trails that showcase the beauty of the Rouge Valley, NW Raw is the perfect spot to fuel up before hitting the trails. After working up a sweat, stop in for cold-pressed juice to replenish your body.

grab & go

We love the idea of grabbing a healthy food option and hitting the trails with little to no waiting. It’s what we want. It helps us, it helps you and we feel, makes the world just a little finer. Not only will you see our 100% organic salads, but keep an eye out for our expanded list of parfaits, bowls, cakes and seasonal items.
-Let us make life a little easier for you, simply grab healthy and go!

cold pressed

Cold pressed juicers grind and shred produce into a fine pulp. This pulp is then placed between two press plates that hydraulically produce 30,000 pounds of pressure on the pulp to extract every last drop of juice. This little-to-no-heat method produces a juice that is both superior in flavor and nutritional value, containing up to five times the amount of vitamins, trace minerals and enzymes as a typical centrifugally-produced juice. Cold-pressed juice may be bottled and kept alive for 72 hours.

always organic

We are a no compromise company. We will always provide our precious communities with the cleanest foods we can find. We are continually researching and looking for ways to bring you the highest quality ingredients. You will never see the word “conventional” in our pantry, or coolers. Unfortunately the word “natural” and even “organic” have been compromised by large companies who are more interested in the bottom line than the whole of our health and planet. With this in mind we must try to educate and set the bar higher by supporting our honest hard working local farmers and other sustainable-focused farms that are committed to the “no compromise” promise.