Here are just a few questions that we get asked regularly. If your questions are still un-answered then hop over to our contact page!

Why should I cleanse?2018-10-17T19:53:40-07:00

These days it is easy to find yourself feeling a little sluggish. Life’s busy, and you don’t always have time to eat healthy and exercise. Over time the toxins, processed foods, and stresses of life take their toll. We feel tired and unenthused. Here at NW Raw we offer a few regimens to help cleanse, detoxify, and nourish yourself back to vibrant health. Whether you’re looking to shed a few pounds or preparing for a 100mi. endurance race. Our cleanses are designed to help start and sustain healthy living. With our options you may ease in to a healthier you, or take a bold leap.

Get on it. We are here for you!

Check out our cleanses here.

Why cold-pressed?2018-12-07T22:06:54-08:00

Cold pressed juicers grind and shred produce into a fine pulp. This pulp is then placed between two press plates that hydraulically produce 30,000 pounds of pressure on the pulp to extract every last drop of juice. This little-to-no-heat method produces a juice that is both superior in flavor and nutritional value, containing up to five times the amount of vitamins, trace minerals and enzymes as a typical centrifugally-produced juice. Cold-pressed juice may be bottled and kept fresh for 72 hours.

Just how organic is NW Raw?2018-10-12T19:15:40-07:00

Here at NW Raw we have a no compromise policy. If it’s not 100% Organic it doesn’t enter our doors.

Is anything gluten free?2018-10-12T19:17:21-07:00

Our restaurant is 100% Gluten Free

How long does your juice last?2018-12-07T22:13:48-08:00

Cold-pressed juice may be bottled and kept fresh for 72 hours. On the top of all our juices you will see a drink by date that will help you determine the shelf life.

Do you use filtered water?2018-12-07T17:45:48-08:00

We use a premium quality EVERPURE MH2 filter cartridge by PENTAIR. From PENTAIR: “Exclusive precoat filtration provides superior chlorine taste & odor reduction and micro-filters dirt and particles as small as 0.5 micron in size by mechanical means.” We use this filtered water for all of our recipes including our house made nut mylks.

Do you take back your jars?2018-12-08T18:46:47-08:00

We certainly do! All we ask is that you give them a rinse and remove the sticker on the lid. We clean and sanitize the jars to reuse, and send the lids to a local 3D printing company that recycles the lids into 3D “ink”.
We have a 25 cent deposit on all 12 ounce jars, $3 deposit on 32 ounce jars and a $4 deposit on our 64 ounce growler.

Can I order a special juice?2018-10-12T19:15:02-07:00

Yes. We do offer custom mixed and non-mixed juice for amounts over 32oz’s. We ask that you give us a call by 3pm a day in advance for custom orders. Some limitations apply and there could be additional charges, ask for details.

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